Choosing The Right Longboard For Your

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September 20, 2017

Choosing The Right Longboard For Your


One of the most commonly asked questions by long-boarder is “which type of long board best suits your style?”. If you wish to look for an accurate answer, you can’t have the exact answer because each comes with their own particular choices and this makes you confused or stressed out. You can as well consider this question, do you want to purchase a long board that is completely made or do you want to customize your own? It is important that you know the effectiveness of every long board. This means, having to weigh your options is important in your decision making.

For you to be able to step-up your game in the long board community, choosing the right board that will tailor fit your style and needs is essential. Here are the following guidelines that can help weigh your decision making.

1. Know Your Longboard

When it comes to the variations of long boards, available in many parts. Keep in mind that in every material is different in characteristic which makes it unique. Parts of a long board such as a long board, its four wheels, it has eight bearings, one piece of deck, two trucks, eight hardware and a grip tape. These materials would vary as to how a long board can behave.

2. How Will You Ride?

Longboarding is an individual sport, and there seems to be as many variations on styles as there are people.  That’s why it’s important to think about It is important that you know how you’re going to use a long board according to how it is made. Examples of activities such as;

  • Freestyle:  doing your tricks or an old style version.
  • Cruising: this is a kind of style that gets you from A to B, it has a gentle ride that runs smoothly, and you can as well have fun cruising.
  • Free ride: this involves few tricks that you wish to show and this is mainly riding your longboard in a downhill motion.
  • Downhill:  if you want to race your friends with your longboard, you can use this activity.

3. Longboard Shape

Choosing the correct board shape is one of the more important choices when it comes to putting together your ride.  As the platform for the riding, it provides the surface for your feet to do what they need to do.  The placement of your feet on the board surface is affected greatly by the style of riding you’ll be doing.

If you’re into freestyle, for example, you’ll want a board that you can lean a bit more, which requires a wider footing.

Here’s a great video on a process similar to what we use at Beast Coast Boarding to choose our rides:

4. The Flexibility of a Longboard

The flex of the longboard determines how it is absorbent to any means of shock and how the stability can be of great influence to the flexibility of the longboard. Its material composition has a flat deck, some are a bit of camber (which is best suited for a cruising activity), and a rocker flex (wherein it is best suited for a downhill activity).

5. Using a Kick Tail?

The function of a kick tail makes the riding experience more exciting and adventurous. So, if you are a type of person that wants more regarding using a longboard, then having a kick tail is your best choice. However, for most beginners, the use of a kick tail is not necessary as you are still learning techniques and skills of longboarding.

Therefore, if you are considering the size, shape and its other materials, it is best that you identify it according to your usage and skills that you can use a longboard. Budget wise, the price also varies whether it is made complete or a personalized touch of a longboard.

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