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A good long board makes it all worth it if you can find the right manufacturer in making the finest longboard in your local area. Of course, there are many things that you'll have to consider regarding quality, comfort, and convenience. If you are PRO longboard user, definitely you want something that will tailor fit your needs.

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Longboard in helmet and leather suit

Need a good stress reliever?  Longboarding is a great way to ground yourself and to let go of the stresses of school, work, or life in general. However, like all good things in life, there are certain risks and dangers associated with longboarding that you should know about, and take steps to minimize. One of the most important steps that you can take is to use proper longboarding safety gear.

Here are six safety items that you just can’t compromise on.



One of the most commonly asked questions by long-boarder is “which type of long board best suits your style?”. If you wish to look for an accurate answer, you can’t have the exact answer because each comes with their own particular choices and this makes you confused or stressed out. You can as well consider this question, do you want to purchase a long board that is completely made or do you want to customize your own? It is important that you know the effectiveness of every long board. This means, having to weigh your options is important in your decision making.

For you to be able to step-up your game in the long board community, choosing the right board that will tailor fit your style and needs is essential. Here are the following guidelines that can help weigh your decision making.