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Hello and welcome to Beast Coast Longboarding.  My name is Sam, I’m a Charlotte, NC native and have been a longboard rider of about 10 years. I am by no-means an expert and, in fact, in these here parts of the foothills of North Carolina, I’m what they call a Youngin’

In case the name isn’t entirely clear, this website dedicated to all riders from Appalachia to the coast, from the gnarly, hardcore riders and veteran’s, to those just looking to get started, and everyone in-between.

Thanks for coming by and if you get a chance, send us a note and let us know what you think!

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Longboarding Down The Mountain

This article is written for the “Me” from about 15 years ago when I was first thinking about getting into the sport after see my older brother and his friends screaming down the hills of Blowing Rock, North Carolina on home-made long skateboards.

The Me of 15 years ago was a timid kid that thought that Longboarding was dangerous and “too tough”.

So, for you prospective longboarding newbies out there.  Is longboarding TOUGH?

Going for a pro scooter without any research can be a bit dangerous. Therefore it is important that you should do your proper homework before directly jumping into the matter. As a parent, if you are buying a pro scooter for your child for the first time there are some key factors to keep in mind. It is obvious that you will not go for a pretty expensive scooter right away as you want to see if even your child has a thing for a pro scooter or not. Once you have an idea that your child is really interested in pro scooting than it is time to work on his abilities.

There is quite some negativity that flows around when speaking of the skateparks, and to an extent, it also has some weight. Going to the skate park near your place in a sunny afternoon can be really intimidating, with lots of people around, on razor scooters you will find kids, the teenagers will be on their skateboards, parents will be on lattes. All of these are present at a patch of concrete that is no bigger than a size of two tennis courts. But this intimidation of yours can soon fade away when you see a kid falling down on that concrete patch upon collision with a skateboarder and making it in the headlines next day.

Skateboarding isn’t just another park activity, as it’s now considered as the hottest sport worldwide. Riding a skateboard is no joke as it takes a lot of practice just to grip the basic handling.

Since the start of this exciting yet dangerous sport, many women skateboarders have shocked the fanatics as they have raised the roof of competition.

Today we’ll list down the best women skateboarders in the world that are living the hype and making everyone go nuts.

Facts about Skateboarding

Skateboarding needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular extreme sports, professionally played by thousands and casually practiced by the millions out there. Skateboarding is an excellent physical activity, which results in increase in attention span, boosts hand-eye coordination and lets you perform various tricks. Skateboards are seen all around the world but it is really famous in the United States. Apart from being a great sport, skateboarding also is a great cardio workout and tones the body.

It is important to keep in mind that no beginner mountaineer would try to climb K2 nor the first year medical student will be asked to perform a major heart surgery. For people looking to start skateboarding it is important to keep it slow and steady. Rather than going for the tricks, you should first master the basics. Part of becoming famous include learning the basics and always keeping that in mind. If you don’t have your basics right, no matter how hard you try, you can never be a champion skateboarder.

Some adrenaline junkies find skateboarding easier to learn and master. But some skateboarding fans might take this offensively. You think our ride is easy to learn? Yeah? Try this! Some skateboarding fanatics find longboarding funny and don’t regard it all. This is just a never-ending debate, which involves personal opinion than anything.

The fact is both skateboarding and longboarding are quiet different from each other but equally fun.

Since longboarding is relatively new than skateboarding, let’s find out what it actually is…

Worst Day Ever

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Sams Bad Day

Some days are better than others.  There’s there was yesterday.

Let me set the scene for you:  Charlotte, North Carolina.  Slight misty rain, bored as shite, but needed to get my longboard fix on, so me and a friend head up this weekend near Parsons.  They’ve got nice and a long drive with hardly any cars.  There was only one problem.

A deer hit my freaking car!

AND I smashed my front tooth against the steering wheel so it feels numb now.  GAWD-DERMIT!

Worst part was we didn’t even get a run in.  Called for a tow, and – based on the cool name – went with Top Dogz Towing Service, who towed my geo prism from the scene of the crime (Nice guy, who happens to be a big vert skateboarder back in the day!)

Things are looking up however.  My new downhill trucks came in from Seismic Skate, so once they do, I’ll post a review.

Stake The Cape - Delaware

Hey Ya’ll. Super stoked about this years 6th annual Skate the Cape in November 4th-5th.  You may be thinking that Delaware doesn’t have any good runs.  Dude, you’re wrong.  Check out the deets from our friends at Face-Plant Longboard Riders:

This event takes place in a picturesque and historic state park in Southern Delaware that has miles of paved bike paths. Riders come from all over the East Coast to have a skate getaway where they meet other riders, have a great time camping out around the bonfires, and having some fun competition among each other for 2 days full of events.  Day one features Downhill Racing, Small Wheelbase Racing, Slalom Racing and an Enduro Push Race.  Day two starts with the Boardercross Race, Hippy Jump Contest and ends with the Slide Jam.


Imagine you’re a downhill longboarder. Cool wind in your face as you start your descent down some remote peakway in Hawaii. Beautiful day, as usual. You start to lean in for your first slide, then…you’re board starts to shake like crazy… and…BAM! You do a superman onto the pavement and get your visor all scratched up on the asphalt.
What the HELL happened?!? I’ll tell you what happened: your front truck kingpin was loose as FECK!

Sound a TOO real? Well, in full disclosure: It happened to me just like that a couple years back. I skipped my standard protocol for a downhill run and forgot to check my trucks. Which brings me to the point of the article: Proper truck maintenance.


One of the most commonly asked questions by long-boarder is “which type of long board best suits your style?”. If you wish to look for an accurate answer, you can’t have the exact answer because each comes with their own particular choices and this makes you confused or stressed out. You can as well consider this question, do you want to purchase a long board that is completely made or do you want to customize your own? It is important that you know the effectiveness of every long board. This means, having to weigh your options is important in your decision making.

For you to be able to step-up your game in the long board community, choosing the right board that will tailor fit your style and needs is essential. Here are the following guidelines that can help weigh your decision making.


Need a good stress reliever?  Want to be COOL?  Need an outlet for your artistic EXPRESSION?  Did I mention the chicks?! (sorry ladies)  For the writers at Beast Coast, longboarding is our drug of choice, however like all good things in life, there are certain risks and dangers associated with the sport.  If you’ve been on a longboard for any length of time, you realize very quickly that you’re going to crash, a LOT.  The good news is:  they make stuff you can buy so you don’t hurt yourself TOO bad.

Yes, these things cost some money, and yes, you typically get what you pay for, but nobody wants to walk away from a downhill crash with brain damage, a broken leg or gnarly road rash – so in our opinion, it’s money well spent.

So with safety in mind, here are six safety items that you just can’t compromise on.

Tasty Longboard Wood

As you get into longboarding, you’ll probably notice that longboards come in all different kinds of woods and combos of woods. Every board company is trying to outdo each other nowdays, so you may even see some exotics like KOA, Oak or Indian Rosewood that look rad, but may or may not support the rigors of your style of writing.

How Important Is It?

Now before I get into specifics, I wanted to address the question we get quite a bit: “Is the type of wood on your board important” The answer IMHO is yes it is.


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